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Please, sit down for a moment and have a coffee.

Even if you have little time, there’s always time to say thanks.

Thanks to all the patients who gave me the strength to make this website. I hope my efforts will eventually be of some help.

Thanks to all the physicians who offered up some of their time to speak with us. You too motivated us in making this website. Especially those who supported us, but also those who didn’t.

A big shout out to the open source community. Fabrienne was made possible using the following open source projects: audacity, blender, ffmpeg, GIMP, krita, kdenlive, and libreoffice running on arch/MATE.

Are you a Fabry patient who would like to share a story? Or a patient with another disease who made similar experiences? Or do you have something else to ask or tell? Feel free to write! My e-mail address is:

I won’t reply in an instant. I really am unwell, and I also try to make more videos. But for now, I will try to reply within a week, even if it’s just a brief acknowledgment.